Reject HB89 that Inches towards Enforcing Disorderly Conduction Convictions on Students in Grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade!

We need you to contact your legislator and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 89.

A provision exempting students from the definition of disorderly conduct would be repealed under HB 89.

This measure would, in effect, empower school resource officers to charge kids with disorderly conduct, a class 1 misdemeanor, for any behavior that “prevents or interferes with the orderly conduct of the [school] operation or activity.”

Adding students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade to this bill will hinder a child from efficiently progressing or succeeding in their academics and their future. At the age in which the child is in these grades, a child cannot correctly comprehend harsh consequences, enforcement, and such convictions.

This bill will not effectively protect students, safety, and education.

There is no good reason to add more intense enforcement on the younger generation, which is why we oppose this harmful legislation.

Click here to contact your Legislator.

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