Support HB635 to Allow Individuals to “Opt-In” to Inclusionary Housing!

We need you to contact your legislator and tell them to vote YES on House Bill 635.

HB635 would allow individuals to “opt-in” to inclusionary housing; zoning. House Bill 635 will allow all persons to be encompassed and enforce equal housing amongst all.

This bill will require cities and towns in the Commonwealth to develop and promulgate housing plans that address the supply of safe, sanitary, and affordable shelter for all current and anticipated residents of their communities.

These plans must connect economic development efforts to include low-income families, bring forth housing security and equality, and bring new jobs the supply of safe, sanitary, and affordable shelter.

These plans include affordable education, parks, indoor and outdoor recreation, libraries, health care, and healthy living resources, including the availability of fresh food in multiple counties in Virginia.

Click here to contact your Legislator.

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