Support SB1315 and HB2047 for Mental Health Reform in Criminal Justice System

We urgently need you to contact your legislators and urge them to support Senate Bill 1315 and House Bill 2047 in the conference committee .  

SB1315 and HB2047 are mirror General Assembly bills that would allow for evidence related to mental conditions and intellectual and developmental disabilities to be introduced into court. This would allow for fairer trials for defendants, and begin the process of much needed criminal justice reform. A study conducted by Justice Forward Virginia revealed that Virginians strongly support allowing judges and juries to consider mental health evidence in trials.  Furthermore, SB1315 and HB2047 would require court-appointed attorneys to attend new trainings on representing clients with mental health disorders, another important step towards ensuring all defendants receive a fair trial. 

Mental health advocacy should extend to all facets of our society, including the courts, which is why we support this fundamental legislation.

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