Support the Pittsylvania County NAACP and Their Fight for Clean Air

We need you to contact Anita Walthall at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and tell them to DENY the permitting process of the DEQ and SUPPORT elevating the process to the Air Quality Control Board for more stringent evaluations.

A 27,756-horsepower compressor station, Lambert Compressor Station, is being proposed in Pittsylvania VA. This compressor station will be located adjacent to two existing compressor stations and would increase air pollutant and particulate matter levels such as nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide (to name a few), into the air. The new compressor station would add to the cumulative harm done to people in the minority-majority Banister voting district and the Chatham-Blairs Voting District, who have been burdened by pollutions from two other Transco compressor facilities for sixty years.

Virginian residents deserve to know that the air they breathe in is safe and clean. Take action and support the Pittsylvania County NAACP!

Click here to contact Anita Walthall.

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