Take Action to Save Health Care for Essential Workers

Join the Virginia NAACP in demanding that Kroger respect its workers with a fair contract that protects workers’ say in their health care!

Negotiations between Kroger and the United Food & Commercial Works Union on their next union contract are moving slowly. While these essential workers continue to work hard after an exhausting year, Kroger continues to disrespect its employees and their hard work by not fully engaging in contract negotiations. 

Essential workers like the brave Kroger employees risked their lives and the lives of their families to keep these stores open during the pandemic. While workers increased sales at every single store under this contract, and across the country, Kroger has increased profits by 90 percent! The Virginia NAACP stands with our sisters and brothers in labor as they pledge to not accept a substandard contract at a time when the company is more successful than ever.

Instead of rewarding workers for their sacrifice, Kroger is refusing to get serious at the bargaining table and proposing to replace their health care with a company plan. Under a company plan, workers would lose any say in their health care coverage, including the costs and benefits. Kroger could eliminate benefits or raise costs at any time without the input of workers.

Learn more on the UFCW Local 400 website.

Sign our online petition calling on Kroger to protect the healthcare of essential workers!

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