URGENT & IMMEDIATE Actions Needed on PRO Act

With the pending vote in the United States Senate of the PRO Act, the Virginia State Conference NAACP must take immediate action to urge Senator Mark Warner to support the PRO Act.


  • Our national economy is not working for most working-class, lower- and middle class Americans, or most racial and ethnic minority Americans;
  • The PRO Act protects the basic right of American workers to organize or join a union;
  • When workers have the power to join together and negotiate with their employer, they secure fair pay, better benefits, and safer working conditions.
  • Union membership helps to narrow the racial and gender pay gap by guaranteeing a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work for all Americans.
  • Union members of color have almost five times the median wealth of their non-union counterparts.
  • For women who are members of unions or covered by union contracts, unions nearly eliminate the gender pay gap.

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