Virginia NAACP Recognizes Fairfax County Public Schools’ Efforts in Cultivating Underrepresented Students

The Virginia State Conference NAACP (Virginia NAACP) supports Fairfax County Public Schools in its efforts to diversify higher education by boosting traditionally underrepresented students’ chances of enrolling in college programs.

Fairfax County Public Schools firmly denies the accusation that their college prep program operates in a discriminatory manner. The school system has released data to back up this claim, demonstrating that the program’s stated objective – to increase college enrollment for traditionally underrepresented groups – is being achieved. Furthermore, the school system has taken proactive steps to ensure fairness and equity in its award notification processes at all of its schools. They have implemented a comprehensive review process to evaluate each applicant’s qualifications and have established clear guidelines for awarding and denying financial aid awards.

The facts suggest that Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to providing equal opportunities for all students, regardless of race or ethnicity. In a letter sent to Attorney General Miyares, Superintendent Scott Brabrand expressed his commitment to ensuring that no student will be discriminated against in their education or denied access to educational opportunities due to any objection based on race, religion, or other protected class.

Virginia NAACP President Robert N. Barnette, Jr. issued the following statement today:

“The school system’s mission should be one of inclusion and opportunity, which aligns with the core principles of the NAACP. “

Fairfax County Branch President Michelle Leete states:

“Every public school system has a responsibility to recognize and structure education to reflect student differences. This is particularly true in a school system as diverse as Fairfax County Public Schools. Recognizing and acknowledging diversity is part of treating students fairly and ensuring equity in educational opportunities.”

The Virginia NAACP will support programs and policies that will bridge the gap and ensure that all children have the opportunity for a fulfilling education.

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